Anyone can utter the words “I love you,” but honestly, without action, they are just words.

Long gone are the days (or they should be) when words simply have meaning. We are all at the age when we must show and prove, and if we are being completely honest, even question what’s being displayed at times.

Here’s how to say “I love you” in addition to speaking the language of “143.”

1. Show interest in their day.

Yes, anyone can do this, but the one who consistently shows that he or she is concerned about your emotional well-being and what’s important to you is attempting to show you what you mean to them. Understand the phrase, “If they don’t care, they won’t ask.” It may be cliche, but it is quite true.

2. Do for them without asking.

If she is sick, make her some tea, wash the dishes and rub Vicks on her body. If he’s having a rough day, rub his back, tell him it’s going to be OK and/or leave him alone  for a little while. If you want your mate to know that you truly love them, be at their service.

3. Ask them how they wish to be loved.

One of the worst things that you can do is love someone selfishly, meaning in the way that you prefer to love them versus how they would prefer to be loved. Asking someone how to love them properly is the ultimate symbol of true love, because in doing so, you run the risk of discovering that they should be loved by someone else.