Autumn and winter don’t just come with colder temperatures and less sunlight; they also come with an increased risk of developing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This form of depression typically lasts throughout the fall and winter months, and is largely due to a lack of sunlight, which produces vitamin D (a key ingredient to amplifying our positive mood). Less sun equals dreary skies and more time indoors alone (i.e., depression).

For many, the holidays can also be depressing due to a lack of plans and family members. Here are three ways to cure yourself of the fall and winter blues:

1. Understand that your SAD or mild depression is temporary.

If you are down in the dumps due to the holidays or lack of great weather, understand that your depression will pass. I am not a physician, so if you happen to suffer from a more severe case of depression that lasts longer than the season, my recommendation is that you see a licensed professional therapist. But maintaining a positive attitude is everything.

2. Think about and access why you are depressed.

Feelings are better addressed when they’re understood. Take time to access where, when and how you started to feel this way, and take note of what you’ve been feeling since.

3. Decide to attempt to be happy.

Few things are worse than telling a depressed person to cheer up. I mean … if you could you would, right? Although we may not want to hear it, recognize that there’s great value in being proactive when it comes to your depression.