The beautiful cool autumn weather often brings about dry, brittle hair. Just as with any other season, you have to start providing your hair with the nourishment it’ll need to survive the cooler months. Fall is less than a month away, and now’s the perfect time to being. Here are a few tips to keep your hair healthy with plenty of nourishment as the temperature starts to drop.

Utilize Conditioning Treatments

With the climate transitioning from the humid summer to the dryness of fall and eventually winter, conditioning treatments should immediately become your saving grace. Conditioning your hair once a week helps replenish nutrients lost due to the change of weather. Keep your eyes on products that include olive oil, shea butter and essential oils. These will add moisture to your curly coifs.

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Trim Damaged Hair

(Disclaimer: If you don’t have much experience trimming your own hair, I strongly suggest going to see a professional.)

Out with the old and in with the new growth. Trimming your hair is extremely important, especially when preparing for the cold months. The best time to trim damaged ends and strand knots is right after a good wash and leave-in conditioner. Section your hair into four parts before trimming to insure that you aren’t cutting the same area twice. You can also twist or braid the section after trimming to avoid confusion. Please make sure to use hair-trimming scissors to avoid further damaging hair.

Experiment with Trends

Fall is the perfect season to jazz up your natural look. It’s just cool enough to switch from the excessive pinups from the summer heat, and warm enough not to rush to the safety net of protective styles. Coloring your hair is always a way to get you in the mood for the season change and standout. Deep browns, honey blondes and rich auburn are always a fall go-to. This is also the perfect time to experiment with new styles that help you indulge in the season’s newest trends.

LaParis Hawkins is a freelance beauty writer from St. Louis currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. She’s also the creator of the blog