Pride Month is many things to many people. It is celebratory, reflective and a symbolic reminder to be in support those who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community. However, it is something that should be in practice year-round and be extensively more commonplace.

There are so many Black-led LGBTQ+ organizations that need access to greater resources to be able to fully serve their community. They need physical allyship, economic funds and more.

Below are 4 Black-led organizations to invest in and uplift during Pride month and beyond. Let them be a starting point for discovering other similar organizations both locally and across the Black diaspora that could use additional support.

Black and Pink

Black and Pink was created as a means of prison abolition for LGBTQ+ people. The organization is not only committed to ending the prison industrial complex but providing aid to LGBT+ identifying folks living with HIV/AIDS.

Black AIDS Institute (BAI)

It's no question that there is a crisis in the Black community regarding the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Founded by Black queer individuals, BAI seeks to inform Black people about HIV/AIDS and shift the narrative of stigma for those who have been diagnosed through research, community and clinical work.

Okra Project

Named after the vegetable okra, which holds great significance to the African diaspora, the Okra Project seeks to provide an equitable, nourishing and healthy life for Black trans people.

The Marsha P. Johnson Institute

Created in the legacy and spirit of revolutionary activist Marsha P. Johnson, this organization protects the agency and rights of Black transgender people. In response to the unjust murders of these unduly persecuted people, the institute provides advocacy to protect them in the face of adversity caused by complex social justice issues.