Black trans women are some of the most disenfranchised people on this planet. They are deserving of plenty of happiness, freedom and peace in their lives.To celebrate Women's History Month, we are pay homage to Black trans women who have contributed to the blueprint of our community and country.

Below are four Black trans women who speak truth to power and have been ones to watch for quite some time.

Hope Giselle


Hope Giselle is a fierce advocate for the trans community; she mobilizes her pocket of community on social media for greatness. Outside of her activism, she is a national organizer and Diversity and Inclusion specialist who not only does the work but walks the walk each day.

Raquel Willis


Raquel Willis is a true champion of change. As a writer, she reflects the reality of the intersections of the the trans community and the Black community. As a thought leader and masterful storyteller, her work has uplifted a multitude of marginalized voices. Her upcoming memoir The Risk It Takes To Bloom: On Life and Liberation is a testament to her life's work and her belief that the world, ultimately, can be a better place.

Mila Jam


Using music as a medium for liberation and activism, Mila Jam lives authentically as her best self. A singer, songwriter, dancer and actress, she uses these artistic methods to educate and inform audiences about her lived experience and that of many others. Jam has a style that is all her own and inspires joy and truth through her existence.

Ashlee Marie Preston


Ashlee Marie Preston is the founder of #YouAreEssential, a grassroots organization that was created to mitigate the challenges of food insecurity, housing instability and more. A media personality, Preston uses her voice to expertly speak on social justice issues. She most notably became the the first trans woman to become editor-in-chief of a national publication and the first openly arans person to run for office in California. Preston indeed is a true trailblazer.