As we continue to celebrate Women’s History Month, and all the powerful women across the globe making HERstory, we’d be doing ourselves a disservice by not highlighting the many Black women in tech who are helping to raise the bar in the space. It’s no secret that Black women excel in every lane, and that’s no different when it comes to the tech industry. There is a multitude of game-changing Black women who permeate this field, and it’s important for us to bestow upon them their proverbial flowers. 

Whether they’re hard at work curating digital and technological advancements to better the world or recruiting and mentoring the next crop of talent, Black women in tech certainly deserve all their flowers.

From Microsoft to Amazon, here are a few of the Black women in tech slaying the industry right now.

Ethel D. Cofie

Ethel D. Cofie. Image: courtesy of Ethel D. Cofie.

Black girl magic is very real, and Ethel D. Cofie personifies that. Cofie is the CEO and founder of Edel Technology Consulting, which provides top-tier IT and software services to businesses. She is also the face and founder of Women in Tech Africa, an organization dedicated to supporting women across the continent with tech backgrounds.

Desyree Nicole

Desyree Nicole. Image: Ron Ronson.

Desyree Nicole may be the creative genius behind the luxury menswear brand Todd Patrick but her talents are utilized in other ways as well. The Detroit native is the founder of The Bar Tap, an app that connects users with the most fabulous bars and vibes in their respective cities. Whether you’re looking for a fun vibe in your own city or organizing your itinerary for an upcoming trip, you’ll be in good hands.

Elizabeth Osondu

Elizabeth Osondu. Image: Daniel Ebomwonyi.

Elizabeth Osondu works as a Sr. Azure Specialist at Microsoft. While the University of North Texas grad is likely busy with her often demanding role, she also makes time for her own business, too. As the founder and CEO of Elizabeth O. & Co., Osondu taps into her fashion expertise to assist her clients in bringing their visions to life.

Odochi Ibe

Odochi Ibe. Image: courtesy of Odochie Ibe.

Formerly a journalist, Odochi Ibe has now taken her talents to the world of tech. Ibe is currently a senior content developer at Amazon, where she helps solve problems through the creation of clear and concise messaging. Tasked with ensuring content quality, maintainability, and usability, Ibe continuously works to improve content workflow while helping to improve the customer experience.