Planning your Carnival experience in the Caribbean is serious business. Because of this, it is so helpful to have information from those who have "hit di road" plenty of times. Luckily, there are a bunch of YouTuber influencers who share their Carnival tips and experiences on the platform and make it easier for those looking to plan ahead.

Through tutorials and video diaries, these YouTubers provide the best advice on how to have the most enjoyable time during Carnival season.

Ethan Campbell-Reid

A Jamaican born yardie, Ethan Campbell-Reid gives the true lowdown on how to manage Carnival season. Through five tips, he gives his perspective on the best methods for a fun time. In the video, he comically talks about maintaining stamina, selecting a costume, having the proper sun protection and more.

Annesha Adams

In this video, Annesha Adams shares your must-haves for Carnival. From water to comfortable footwear, you never want to be caught unprepared.

Jeanmiel Nestor

Aside from the revelries, there are a variety of other events and parties to take part of during Carnival season. Nestor shares a bunch of things to look out for off his recent trip to Trinidad Carnival.

Christina "Chriss Choreo" Gonzalez

One of the major keys to being prepared for Carnival is making sure that you have the necessary tools. From special female needs to best laces for footwear, Chriss Choreo shares an arsenal of items that are essential to a positive experience