The founders of Fisher Gilmore Matchmaking (FGM), Kelli K. Fisher and Tana C. Gilmore
—better known as the Matchmaking Duo, are familiar with the relationship challenges busy professionals face due to their own personal experiences as successful women.

The two met in corporate America when their partnering firms put them together to secure multi-million dollar contracts for business development, sales and marketing. Each week, they traveled the country, giving presentations to C-level executives.

“We noticed at the end of almost every meeting, we would quickly develop relationships and become a sounding board for personal problems and relationship issues, which was totally off-topic as compared to why we were there,” says Gilmore. “During our travels, we were also going through relationship challenges of our own and once we decided to open up and share with each other, we discovered we had more in common than just work.” 

The Matchmaking Duo
From left: Kelli K. Fisher and Tana C. Gilmore. Image: courtesy of The Matchmaking Duo.

Fisher and Gilmore became fast friends as they encouraged and coached one another through challenges. Through these experiences, they realized they had a gift and decided they wanted to empower others to live freely and boldly, and be optimistic about love. Thus, in 2013, Fisher Gilmore Matchmaking was born.

“What inspired us to start was knowing that professional women with flourishing careers are not always supported with how to balance or even prioritize wanting a loving relationship in their busy lives,” explains Fisher. “As boss women ourselves, we learned over the years that women need to give themselves permission to be feminine, sexy, fun and know that operating in those traits doesn’t diminish their power, intelligence and commanding presence at work. Everyone needs love, and it’s okay to desire it and seek the tools to have a winning romantic relationship.”

Over the last 10 years, the women have helped thousands of singles find love all across the U.S. There is a great deal of thought and research that goes into seeking a potential match for someone and many things they must take into consideration.

The process begins with an initial strategy session to learn more about the client, their past challenges, current dating style, family history and the type of relationship desired. The experts then curates a customized program to help the client move forward.  

“We ask our clients to paint a picture of their end goal and how they envision their future to look—in other words, faith, finances, quality of life, morals, commitment, family, credibility and integrity. It’s also important for us as matchmakers to extract not only the type of person the client is looking for, but also what attributes they’re adding to bring to the relationship–something most singles don’t take time to do," says Fisher. "We pride ourselves on discovering more of what our client needs vs. what they want to achieve for a successful long-term relationship."

The Matchmaking Duo share the following tips for singles who are considering utilizing a matchmaking service.

Choose your matchmaking company wisely

It is important to conduct thorough research to find a matchmaking company that resonates with your integrity, mission and values, and that aligns with your end goal.

“Check their online and social media presence and see if their reputation is favorable,” advise the duo. “Does the company have established notoriety and are their views respected in the industry? Are the matchmakers seen as subject-matter experts within the relationship industry, and are they transparent with why their approach to matchmaking will work for you? Most matchmaking companies have an established niche. Do you as a client fall into the matchmaking company’s demographic, meaning who they specialize in serving?”

Keep an open mind

When utilizing a matchmaker to help you find love, it’s best to forget about your typical “type” and be open-minded to trying something new. 

“Throw your type out of the window. Your gift could be wrapped with a different bow and packaging, and you could have missed them all along," share the FGM founders. "Be open to experiencing other ethnicities and cultures. After all, this broadens your pool of potential matches.”

Be positive and optimistic

Go into the process with a positive attitude, confident that things will work out.  

“We realize it is nontraditional, but when all parties are optimistic, we usually receive optimal results,” explain the matchmakers. “When you do get to your first date, prepare a positive mantra before you walk in to stay upbeat and optimistic. Remember, it’s just a first date; and you are only there to meet and gauge some level of chemistry. You are not there to determine if he/she/they are ‘the one.’ You are just there to laugh, enjoy a great activity and conversation, and then evaluate later. Just have fun!”

Remain patient during the process

As with many aspects of life, good things can’t be rushed. Trust the process and be realistic with your time frame expectations. Don’t assume you will find a match overnight.

“Please keep in mind, the matchmaking experience is not a microwave solution,” explains the pair. “Finding your perfect match takes time and skill. Be prepared to give your matchmaker grace as they are sifting through hundreds and even thousands of singles on your behalf.”