Brotha, brother-man, bro, bruh—either way you say it, there's nothing like the kinship of brotherhood. Whether it be through familial or fraternal ties, brotherhood is an essential pillar within the Black community. All Black men have had moments when they've needed to rely on the foundation of the community found with one another. We see it generationally in our households, on basketball courts and in academic settings and it ensures the continued prosperity of the Black man. We even see it in films that truly reflect our community.

Below are four Black cult classics that each offer a different look into perspectives of Black brotherhood.

The Best Man

College friendships are some of the strongest relationships to be built. In The Best Man, when one of the guys gets married, one of them must reckon with a secret that threatens to ruin the stability of their friend group's everlasting bromance.


Growing up and facing manhood has its many challenges. In ATL, Rashad, his little brother Ant and their friends try their best to make the wisest decisions based on their circumstance.

The Wood

Let's face it—having cold feet before a big event, like a wedding, is normal. The Wood emphasizes the value of having a solid group of friends who can keep you centered and in check.

House Party

Some of the best memories in life are of rambunctious times with the homies. While these times may include things you weren't supposed to do—like throwing an epic high school house party for your peers—it furthers the closeness between old pals, like Kid and Play portrayed in the original House Party.