For some, sticking to a wellness routine is a tedious task. However, adding items that both appeal to your current habits and are beneficial to you in the long run is a fantastic investment in your holistic health. Here are a several nifty gadgets, products and tools that will elevate and simplify your wellness regimen in the new year. 

Higher Dose
Infrared Sauna Blanket
This waterproof infrared sauna blanket is a great way to unwind and use after a long session at the gym. It works to eliminate harmful toxins from your body while positively increasing your heart rate. It's also has the added benefit of helping you to shed calories while laying down.

Price: $600

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theragun mini
Mini Massage Gun
The Therabody mini gun is a portable lifesaver. You can carry with you on trips to help soothe aches and pains.

Price: $150

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Inspire 2 Activity Tracker
Whether you're taking a walk around the neighborhood or completing an at-home workout, this Fitbit will help you track the progress of your movement. It is also able to track your patterns while resting to help you create an optimal sleep schedule.

Price: $60

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lumie 2
Body Clock Shine 300
Seasonal depression impacts many of us each year in negative ways. It can affect our mood, sleep and productivity in a major way. The Body Clock Shine 300 mimics sunrises and sunsets and has white noise settings to help you generate a natural wake up and wind down regimen.

Price: $159

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