Black men deserve to be protected and valued no matter their background. Though there is a void in public infrastructure that makes way for their success, many nonprofit organizations have stepped up to the plate to cater to the needs of Black men.

Here are 4 organizations that are fiercely dedicated to supporting Black men in various avenues.

100 Black Men of America

Infamous for its efficient programming, 100 Black Men of America has been dedicated to the mentorship of Black men for almost six decades. The organization has established a plethora of chapters across the country that utilize their proven methodology that aids in the development of young Black men into bright future leaders who are self-sufficient and committed to the betterment of their community.

Black Men United (BMU)

Black Men United is an organization that allows Black men to get involved with community service initiatives. These service endeavors contribute to the well-being and restoration of the Black community. The organization is guided by a principle of "boots on the ground, putting community first" and frequently hold volunteer and fundraising opportunities.

Black Male Voter Project

It's no secret that Black men are historically disenfranchised and face voter suppression at a high rate. The Black Male Voter Project seeks to combat this oppression by connecting with Black men to ensure that they have voting access. The first and only organization to do so in the nation, this project tracks the voting habits of Black men and trains other Black men to pay it forward.

Black Men Teach

Seeking to fill the gap of representation of Black men in elementary schools, Black Men Teach aims to "recruit, prepare, place and retain" them in these settings. The hope is that through its work the the standard for an inclusive environment in academic settings is set and that will influence the success of our young students.