One of the biggest misconceptions about Black men is that they don't take care of their hair. The majority of Black men were raised getting haircuts every two weeks because our parents "didn't play that." Many of us used the classic Murray's pomade to lay down our hair. We brushed it down for a good 10-15 minutes, then tied on our durag's overnight to lay it down right to form our waves. Nowadays, there are many brands that have tapped into the wave grease world and added their own flair. They not only help our hair wave up but keep it strong and healthy. Bevel, the brand known for its clippers, has a 2-in-1 pomade that locks in moisture which is important for those of us with drier textures. Luster's S-curl 360, which is known for its texturizers, created a pomade that has a superior hold that works extremely well on 4C textures.

For those who who want to soften up their brittle coils or define their natural wavy textures, check out the smoothing pomades below.