A new year brings about a variety of brand new changes, like moving to a different city. With all the things that come with such a transition, it can be challenging to consider building a new circle of peers that will enhance your experience navigating a new area.

Finding a network of friends will take a great deal of effort on your part and require you to step outside of your comfort zone. Drake may have said "no new friends" in 2013 but there's nothing wrong with making a few worthy acquaintances this year.

It takes time but here are some surefire ways to make new friends when venturing into new territory.

Lean Into the Awkwardness

After moving to a new place, it's only natural for you to venture out solo. It may take time for you to warm up to the culture of the environment and get over the awkwardness of not knowing anyone, but one of the best ways to overcome this is by being okay with being green to everything. Whether at a bar or at the grocery store, actively pay attention to your surroundings and consider striking up a conversation with a kind stranger. Without giving up too much personal conversation, politely find a way to finesse a new contact.

Attend Mixers and Networking Events

Local organizations host multiple events throughout the year like happy hours, mixers galas and conferences. Some of these outings help to support the local community or are specifically dedicated to bonding with likeminded individuals. Taking part in what these interest groups have to offer allows you to learn about ways to connect with your new city and its citizens.

Go on Impromptu Self-Guided Tours

When you have free time on the weekends, find a new part of your city to explore. Not only will this activity help you become more well-versed in your town, but it will allow you to meet people organically.

Use Dating Apps for More Than Potential Romance

Without question, dating apps have completely transformed the practice of human interaction. Most people turn to them as a primary form of meeting love interests, but you can also use them to take the anxiety out of meeting potential new friends. Using your best online dating etiquette and safety rules of thumb, try using a platform like Bumble—who has business, dating and friendship options—to meet folks.