Thinning hair is an issue for many women. Everything from diet, genetics or stress can be the cause of thinning manes. It is a scientific fact that we all lose between 50 to 100 strands of hair everyday. So if you are a woman experiencing significant hair loss, you are losing more than that. Worse can be the challenge of creating styles that won’t expose the hair loss issue. While the road to gaining thick locks isn’t a short one, we’ve offered a few tips to help those of you suffering from this common issue get your hair back to a healthier, thicker state.

Dangers of the Detangling Process

The detangling process is every natural woman’s friend or enemy. Wet hair is ultra-sensitive and excessive detangling and combing can also cause your hair to start thinning. SO don’t be excessive. Wash your hair once a week max. When detangling, stick to wide-toothed combs and always use a conditioner to help aid the process. If you are gentle with your hair and take your time detangling, you will lose less hair after every wash.

Train Your Hair

They say that it takes 21 days for you to develop a habit. Your hair is no different. You have to train your hair to be groomed and styled a certain way. For example, if you want a thick, curly natural look, it doesn’t behoove you to straighten your hair often. Straightening your hair and then attempting to wear your natural curl pattern only confuses your strands. If you choose to flatiron or straighten your hair, set the irons at a medium temperature. Remember, excessive heat also causes hair to thin.

The Two Secret Weapons: Castor Oil and B Complex Vitamins

Castor oil really does work wonders for hair growth. Trust me, castor oil has brought me a mighty long way. Castor oil is a carrier oil. If you have hair oil that works well on your hair, mix a little castor oil in with it; or apply castor oil before thoroughly oiling your entire hair. Massaging the oil in and allowing it to sit a few minutes before applying any other product is the best method. If you hair easily dries out like mine, apply castor oil every other day or as needed.

B-Complex Vitamins are a composition of B6, B12 and Biotin vitamins. While these vitamins are powerful on their own, as one super powerhouse, the B complex vitamin works wonders. It is also a known reducer in hair loss, aiding the growth of thick luscious hair. A piece of advice though, consult with your doctor before taking the B complex vitamin, to be certain it is safe for you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Style

One of the main concerns I’ve heard from women experiencing thinning hair is that they have trouble styling their hair. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Twist outs and blowouts are safe havens because the older they get, the larger the volume of your hair becomes. Flat twist, flexi-rod curls, and braids are all natural styles that can help camouflage thinning hair. Play around with hairstyles that compliment your personality, but also disguise your thinning hair as you’re transitioning into a beautiful, thick mane.

The road to healthy hair is a journey. No one method works for everyone, but we are here to try all of them with you. If you have natural hair problems that you would like for us to venture and find solutions with you please let us know on twitter @EBONYMag!