So, you like to spend countless hours in front of a screen, gaming till your thumbs get numb? Maybe not, but you’re passionate enough about this sector of technology. If that excitement brings you to want to enter the video game industry, brace yourself for a fun but intense interactive ride. You may not have sat through the “So You Want to Get into Gaming” panel at PAX East 2012, so here are four tips to breaking into the gaming industry:–Tamika Moultrie

1. Get Your Foot in the Door

While it’s great to aim high, realize it takes time to land your dream job. At PAX East 2012, AJ Glasser, managing editor at Inside Network, advised current and aspiring gaming professionals to look for various opportunities at the company they see themselves at. Even if the job isn’t in the department you want, it’s a start. Your ideal job is to be a lead designer, but don’t pass up an entry-level position.

2. Secure an Internship

You’re interested in the gaming industry, but don’t know exactly what sector you’d fall into? An internship is geared towards helping you figure that out. While you may discover what you’re most passionate about, you’ll also see what you definitely don’t want to do.