The midterm elections are on the horizon and the heightened importance of participation is high. Now more than ever, it is crucial for the Black community to show out in full force. With issues impacting the longevity of our community at a political level emerging every day, this is not the time for civic apathy. Even in moments when it doesn't feel like it, our voices matter and carry immense power. Make it heard by registering to vote ahead of this year's midterm elections.

Although this year's National Voter Registration Day (September 20, 2022) and National Black Voter Registration Day (September 17, 2022) may have passed, it's not too late to secure your eligibility to vote before November 8, 2022.

Below are some ways to do so before the midterm elections and go into the voting booth well-prepared.

Look Into the Cutoff Date for Voter Registration in Your State

The deadline for voter registration varies by each state. From thirty days before the elections to a week before, there is still ample enough time to register in most. Be sure to keep up on the deadline for registration so that you do not miss your opportunity to practice democracy.

Fill Out a Registration Form Online or In Person

Fortunately for us in 2022, there are plenty of organizations and online resources available to help simplify your voter registration process, such as the Black Voters Matter Fund and When We All Vote. Or, if you are uncertain about filling out such information online due to security reasons, you can always take a trip to your local Board of Elections to register. It does not take long, and it will feel good to know that you've taken a step toward fulfilling your civic duty and exercising your right to vote.

Double Check Your Voter Status

With voter suppression still at an all-time high and some state officials purging Black voters from the voter rolls, it is wise to check your status ahead of election day. Even if you have recently registered, it doesn't hurt to ensure that your information is correct to eliminate issues the day of.

Spread the Word

Power in numbers is what is needed most this midterm election season. To ensure the most impact, encourage those in your network to register to vote. It can be intimidating to do, especially if you are unfamiliar with the process, so try and make a date out of it and hold each other accountable. Our community at large will be better for doing so.