Since her breakout role in the 2019 hit film Queen & Slim, Jodie Turner-Smith has been the it Black girl on-the-scene. No matter if she’s rocking a close crop, flowing braids or a stunning wig, the melanin-rich star always mesmerizes all with her captivating beauty and looks. With cheekbones that can cut glass and her goddess-like air, she has us all worshipping at the JTS altar.

Another thing about EBONY's latest cover star, she doesn’t live by the “dark-skinned girls shouldn’t wear bright colors” narrative that many richly-complected women in the U.S. were fed growing up. In fact, the U.K.-born actress of Jamaican heritage is not afraid to stand out. Like most of her island brethren, she is comfortable in her skin and it shows. Not only does Turner-Smith embrace vibrant shades, she does so in attention-grabbing styles that enhance her striking good looks. In fact the more daring the outfit, the better.

Below are 48 times our flawless girl-crush ate up every look she wore. We all can agree—she always looks stunning, no cap.