If I had to categorize the holiday season, that week between Christmas and New Year’s Day could be accurately described as “Champagne O’Clock” — All the hard work of the holidays (mall parking lot wars, figuring out who gets a postcard of your cute kids vs. who gets an actual gift, caring) is officially over. Now comes the “hard work” of coming up with New Year’s Eve plans and finding the perfect evening attire.

Some prefer to prepare for the New Year by reflecting on the ups and downs of the previous year in an intimate setting with family and close friends. Others opt to get dressed up and “turnt up” (one of the phrases I hope is left in 2014) to hit the town to bring in the New Year with thousands of strangers. If you prefer the latter, look no further than your smartphone to help you “pop bottles” I mean…christen 2015.

1) Double-check the dress code.

If you decide to pay extra for “cut line” tickets, a VIP table with a complimentary bubbly, party favors and open bar wristbands this year, there will be more than enough New Year’s Eve parties going on around town.

The I Don’t Do Clubs app does a good job of proving a list of events in multiple cities that cater to the “Urban Professional” crowd (read: You will have to read the fine print at the bottom of the flyer to see if Timbs, tees, and snapbacks are articles of clothing on the approved dress code list. Word to the wise — If you have to ask, the answer is usually no).

2) Go alone or bring the crew?

Smartphones are being literally glued to every human being on Earth nowadays. Even though communicating with each other is simple, trying to get your friends together for lunch, my bad…brunch, let alone New Year’s Eve will be a task in and of itself.

There are a ton of messenger apps out there where you can quickly reach out to friends to make plans. Telegram is a new comer to the field, but offers the added benefit of offering both a mobile and a desktop application. In other words, you can make New Year’s Even plans with friends whether you’re waiting in line to be fitted for a pair of tuxedo pants (don’t ask), or while you’re typing up that one last article submission until January.

3) Catch a ride, dont drink and drive! 

Parking during New Year’s Eve can prove to be more problematic that actually finding something to do for New Year’s Eve. Let’s not even get into how much those suspect parking lot attendants will charge for parking for a couple of hours that night.

Additionally, if you’re not trying to floss hard enough to valet your whip, ride-sharing apps like Lyft (If you feel some kind of way about Uber right about now) will be in full swing that night to drop off party-goers at their event, as well as pick up those inebriated patrons who got a little too “turnt” (it’s not 2015 yet) mumbling the words to the Happy New Year Song that nobody knows the words to.

4) Open bar!

If you do opt to pay extra for that coveted wristband that gives you unlimited drinks, you might feel the need to get your money’s worth and try some new cocktails for the night. If you’re like me, as soon as you get to the bar, all those drink combinations you planned on ordering have conveniently slipped your mind. So you order the usual; “Vodka and cranberry juice please”.

The Mixology app has literally thousands of cocktails and drink ideas drink ideas that you can look up according to event you’re attending or planning, food pairing, or drink ingredients. You can also save your favorite drinks to quickly recall them at a later date, as well as create a new signature drink if your place is the place to be for New Year’s Eve.

5) Hotel, Motel, or Holiday Inn?

If you know you’re going to have a little too much fun for New Year’s Eve and don’t want to schlep all the way back home after the party is over (If you waited too late to buy tickets and “Room Package” option is sold out), there is still hope that you can book a nice room in near proximity at the last minute.

HotelTonight is an app that lets you quickly find and book room minutes before check in. The user interface of this app is beautiful as you can sort rooms based on your location and check-in dates. Hotels are categorized from “Luxe” on the high-end, to “Hip”, on down to “Basic” on the low-end.

Selecting a specific hotel will display a portfolio of professional and user-submitted images from the hotel, as well as view amenities, and user reviews so you know exactly what you’re booking. Add your personal and credit card info and you can book a room faster than Azealia Banks can unapologetically destroy yet another culture vulture (Jon B, Gary Owens, Paul Wall, and that one white bruh that could actually step are off limits, tho)

Have a good time whatever you decide to do for New Year’s Eve, but remember to be safe out in these streets…and let’s pick some new words to wear out in 2015.