It should come as no surprise that Black men are often correlated with excellence. That same dedication is also applied to the realm of physical fitness, with many of these Black male fitness trainers serving as leaders who empower their clients to seek and maintain healthy lifestyles. 

Whether encouraging us to try out new exercises or showing us how we can add in healthier food alternatives, these fitness professionals are inspiring us all to work toward improved physical health and wellness.

So, if you’re looking for well-versed experts who can provide tips on gaining muscle or eating healthier, check out these Black fitness trainers.

Corey Calliet

Michael B. Jordan’s incredible physique can be credited to one person—Corey Calliet. Not only has he extensively trained Jordan for his upcoming role in Creed III, but he also shares workout tips and motivation for his more than 400,000 Instagram followers. Calliet, who is also a motivational speaker, regularly posts content that encourages his followers to go the extra mile while showing up as their highest selves.

Ron Boss Everline

As comedian Kevin Hart's close friend and personal trainer, Rob Boss Everline has helped the entertainer maintain his toned physique while on the road over the years. You, too, can get workouts from the celebrity trainer for as low as $1 through his app, Just Train. He also launched a secondary brand, Just Train Kids, which is a movement aimed at helping to combat childhood obesity.

Chase Tucker

If you own a Peloton, chances are you’re familiar with Chase Tucker. Tucker may have established his own de facto fan base through his high-energy coaching, but those high spirits can be found outside the popular brand as well. While he’s since left the popular workout company, fans of his workouts are still able to secure fitness coaching from him via his company Chase Tucker SolutionsThe Peloton alum not only provides physical fitness mentorship, but also ways to combat the everyday struggles CEOs face in their day-to-day lives. 

Ayinde Warren

Ayinde Warren may be the founder and CEO of Swole Patrol Fitness—also known as SP Fitness—but his resume is just as “swole.” Alongside his Bachelor’s degree in Sports Studies and his MBA, Warren is also a certified trainer via the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Based in Orlando, Florida, Warren offers customized workout plans, online coaching, and monthly check-ins to ensure accountability. In addition, Warren frequently uses social media to promote his expertise while connecting with clients all over the country.

Robert ‘Brix’ Glover

Robert ‘Brix’ Glover is inspiration personified. This inspiration can take the form of his motivational videos, where he shares inspiring bits about his physical fitness journey, to creating content featuring him working out. Based in Virginia, Glover’s content regularly focuses on the mental health aspect associated with seeking a wellness-oriented life. To him, mental health is just as important as physical health.