Ahh, the White House Correspondent’s Association Dinner: that time of the year when major media outlet’s correspondents and some of the most well known stars and influencers in the country gather for a fabulous dinner amongst fabulous people. It’s also the time when the president gets to turn the tables on the media and poke fun at them for once. Here are the five Blackest moments of Saturday night’s gala:

1. Kevin Hart and his “elevator swag”

While Kevin Hart was the invited guest of NBCUniversal because of his box office swag of late, it was his elevator swag that caught our attention. On Saturday night, Kev had one of those, “I look so damn good right now, I gotta strike a quick pose in this elevator” situations going on as he arrived at the gala. He shared this fly flick with his 6.1 million Instagram followers, with hashtags like #ElevatorSwagAtItsBest and #WhataAmazingNight.

2. POTUS and that slick tongue

We’re sorry, but only a Black man can take the shots the president was firing off at that entire room of prominent media figures, with that kind of suave savoir-faire. Only a man of color, who’s taken so many hits for his color alone, can get the laughs he got for poking fun at Speaker of the House John Boehner’s regularly odd orange appearance with this zinger:

I’m feeling sorry for the Speaker of the House as well. These days, House republicans give John Boehner a harder time than they give me. These days, orange really is the new black.” Obama got jokes!

3. The way the president walks into the room with “I’m about to kill this” confidence

Every so often, the president lets loose for a split second to show just how down he really is.  Case in point: when President Obama is introduced, he walks into the room, and the second he steps to greet the sister next to comedian Joel McHale… bam! That’s where you see it. He graciously greats her and, while we can’t hear what he says to her, in our heads it automatically sounds something like, “Yooo, you know I’m about to cut up right? Oh, I got this.”

(Watch at the :25 mark.)

4. The guest list! 

I mean, come on… Saturday night’s correspondent’s dinner’s guest list read like the BET Awards. Where else would you have so many beautiful Black people in one room? People like Jill Scott, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Richard Sherman, Rev. Al Sharpton, Cam Newton, Lupita Nyong’o, Uzo Abuda, Steve McQueen, Questlove, will.i.am, Adrian Peterson, Joe Morton, Alicia Quarles… the list goes on and on.

5. FLOTUS’s beautifully bouncy coif

Black women have been getting their hair whipped for prom since the beginning of time. It’s our birth-given right, and the White House Correspondent’s Dinner is no different—it’s dubbed the “Nerd Prom” for heaven’s sake! Come on now… you know our FLOTUS wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to show out. Michelle Obama’s locks were feathered to the gods!

—Crystal Shaw King