The history between Black people and cannabis is deeply intertwined. With cannabis being legalized in states across the country, this connection continues to be exposed, especially by those who have profited off the backs of those who have been incarcerated for selling or possessing weed. However, the legalization of cannabis has greatly opened up new opportunities for Black people to enter the industry.

Here are Black owned cannabis dispensaries to support .

Hollingsworth Cannabis Company

Seattle, WA

Hollingsworth Cannabis Company is the first and only Black-owned cannabis farm in the state of Washington. Rooted in sustainability, the company prioritizes environmentally responsible methods of cultivation and creation of products. Hollingsworth Cannabis Company infuses hemp seed oil sourced from their farm inside of everyday products such as lotion, candles, and even bath bombs.

Pure Oasis

Boston, MA

Embodying the feel of a local coffee shop, Pure Oasis is Boston's first recreational cannabis dispensary. They carry a variety of strains and seek to provide knowledgeable advice and assistance custom to the participant's lifestyle.

Grasshopper Club

Chicago, IL

Birthed in Chicago's south side, Grasshopper Club is a new venue in the city that is "more than a dispensary." Through curated opportunities for growth, ownership and production, the venue is looking to diversify the complex cannabis industry while creating a welcoming environment.

Franklin’s Stash House

Kansas City, MO

With an emphasis on Hip Hop culture, Franklin's Stash House is the first Black owned cannabis dispensary to come to Missouri. The spacve merges the impact that weed has had on Hip Hop and creates a safe space that honors the Black community's relationship to the industry.

Simply Pure Denver Dispensary

Denver, CO

Pure Oasis was launched by Wanda James and Scott Durrah. The couple became the "first African Americans, legally licensed in America, to own a dispensary, a cultivation facility and an edible company." Through the opening of Pure Oasis, they have become leaders in the cannabis industry and work to promote cannabis reform.