Fair trade businesses are essential to the welfare of the planet. Through a model that mirrors equitable sustainability for all partners involved, the fair trade process is an arrangement between developing countries and those that are more developed to cement stable economic trade practices.

Here are some Black-owned fair trade products to add to your home, pantry or everyday stash this Earth month.


Founded by Akosua Afriyie-Kumi, each product is handwoven with raffia by a women in Ghana. The cohort are properly compensated through fair and equitable wages and also receives investment from the brand for personal and professional development. AAKS also strives to use a low waste process in support of environmental conservation efforts.

Large Floor Storage Basket

Price: $63

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The brand Alaffia, which name is derived from the common West African greeting meaning "a state of peace, health, and well-being," is all about having a holistic approach to life. The company not only takes pride in its natural product offerings but also in its social enterprise model that is rooted in the pillars of fair trade through working with women’s cooperatives and collectives to help bolster their skills as entrepreneurs. The partnership allows the brand to directly source products from these women and, in turn, provide support for initiatives that empower them in their daily lives.

Everyday Coconut Face Cleanser

Price: $10

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Omi Woods

The spirit of Omi Woods encapsulates traditional heirlooms from across the African diaspora. Sustainably made to be passed down and held onto for generations, the jewelry company fairly sources African gold from artisanal mines for their pieces.

omi woods
Omi Woods
The Jamaican Ackee Coin Necklace

Price: $102

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Paunchy Elephant

Paunchy Elephant is one of the best brands in the game when it comes to tasty barbecue sauces, lemonades and teas. With a focus on prioritizing organic and fair trade ingredients in its products, you can feel good about stocking up on its goods—just in time for cookout season.

paunchy elephant
Paunch Elephant
Organic Blackberry Lemonade (6 bottles)

Price: $30

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Organic Bath Co.

Based in Massachusetts, Organic Bath Co. focuses on mindfulness and accessibility when caring for skin. Inspired by Belizean home remedies, each product in the certified organic beauty line created uses ingredients from an ethical supply chain.

organic bath co
Organic Bath Co.
Nourish Night Face Balm

Price: $32

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