There's nothing like receiving love and support from a Black father. Their encouragement makes our worlds go around and their commitment to family makes all the difference in so many lives. Over time, there have been many skewed narratives about the Black father's absence in their homes and that they are not cherished. As members of our community can attest, this is false.

Fortunately, many Black dads have showed up and represented in the name of fatherhood across social media platforms to show that they do exist and are loving and caring as the next dad. They uplift one another and show the world that Black dads are not only valued but they are important.

Here are a few Black dad-fluencers who make us feel good on social media.

Devale Ellis


Although he may be known for playing a smooth-talking entrepreneur trying to figure out his role as a father on BET's Sistas, Devale Ellis has got the dad-game on lock in real life. You can often find him sharing tips and behind the scenes jokes about what fatherhood is like on social media while making sure to show a balanced partnership with his wife Khadeen.

Cornell C. Conaway


Cornell Conaway is arguably one of the first girl dads to make it cool to be so on social media. A proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Conaway went viral for frequently teaching his daughter Brooke the same morals and lessons that the organization taught him but in an extremely comedic manner. Years later, his daughter has developed her own voice and continues to exude the confidence that her dad taught her.

Terrell & Jarius Joseph


As "stereotype breakers," Terrell and Jarius Joseph have shown a positive light on fatherhood from the perspective of Black husbands raising a family. Through their example, they make clear that what might be considered a non-traditional household is filled with love, empathy and care which are key tenets that comprise a family. The Josephs and their beautiful children show that love knows no boundaries and that all men are capable of fatherhood, no matter how they love.

Karega Bailey


Karega Bailey has had a spiritually unique journey to fatherhood that is not commonly discussed or represented in mainstream media. He along with his wife Felicia Gangloff-Bailey have found ways to keep their firstborn daughter Kamaiu Sol's memory alive while also navigating parenting their precious toddler Kamali. Though Kerga presents as if he was perfectly built for fatherhood, he has been open in having conversations about all of the complexities and blessings that the title has bestowed upon him as an encouragement to other Black dads.

Kayden X Coleman


Kayden X Coleman is a Black gay trans advocate who not only educates the masses but is a "Papa Seahorse." A seashorse parent is a commonly used term used to describe trans fathers. Coleman documented his pregnancy journey on social media and also lets his audience in on transparent conversations with his child about understanding identity. He also shares cute clothing hauls which is all the rage with parents these days.