Every year, we prepare for the start of spring by revamping our spaces to make them new again by getting rid of things we consider no longer use and organizing what we do have.

Below are 5 gadgets that are not your parent's cleaning tools; they're super cool looking and will make you feel that way while tidying up your place. Clear out your storage cabinet and amp up your spring cleaning game with these unique home products.

spin scrubber
Electric Spin Scrubber
Ditch your basic mop and upgrade to an electric spin scrubber. This tool allows you to reach hard to clean places in your home with simplicity.

Price: $55

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simple human
Simple Human
Paper Towel Pump
Working smarter and not harder is always the goal. This nifty gadget integrates a paper towel stand with a spray bottle so that you can multitask with ease.

Price: $80

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stackable kitchen drawer
Stackable Kitchen Drawer Organizer
We often forget what we have when it comes to minimizing waste in our homes. This stackable kitchen drawer organizer allows you to see what you have while also providing the satisfaction of a nicely curated produce collection in your own fridge.

Price: $30

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wearable cleaning caddy
Wearable Cleaning Caddy
When getting into the groove of cleaning, it can be tempting to want to stop and start multiple organization projects at home which can lead to further chaos. This wearable cleaning caddy is a solution for having everything you need at your immediate disposal while tackling your spring cleaning efforts.

Price: $50

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shoe holder
SS Line
Free-Standing Shoe Cabinet with Flip Down Storage Shelves
This free-standing cabinet organizes a multitude of your favorite shoes while taking up minimal space.

Price: $90

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