The bathroom is one place in our house we spend a decent amount of time in. Whether relaxing in a bubble bath or peering in the mirror to primp and preen, these small but crucial spaces deserve to be as beautiful and well-designed as the rest of our home. 

For many homeowners and renters, however, this room often takes the back burner while we focus on other, larger living spaces. Let’s face it, giving the loo an entire facelift can be pricey–but it doesn’t have to be.

EBONY spoke with Nicole Foster, YouTuber and content creator behind DIY by Niky Foster, to uncover some simple, low-cost ways to revamp your bathroom. As someone who has always had a passion for trying things herself, she began to take on home projects once she became a homeowner.

“Back in 2014, way before I had a YouTube channel, I bought my first house with my husband. I didn’t have a lot of money to pay a contractor,” she explains. “So it started with painting a room, then customizing furniture and now, taking on whole room projects. I love being hands-on.”

The satisfying feeling of accomplishment is just one of many benefits of tackling your own home improvement projects. In addition to helping you save money, going the DIY route encourages learning new skills and allows you to control exactly how things will turn out.

After photo of the primary bathroom. Image: Courtesy of DIY by Niky Foster.

“You can experiment. There's much more flexibility,” says Foster. “For instance, if you decided you didn't like something, you can change it and not drive your contractors crazy. Sometimes I can be a little indecisive, so I like to take my time to do my projects to make sure the final results are what I originally envisioned.”

This is the same approach Foster took when updating her bathrooms. Being creative and resourceful, she was able to achieve the look she wanted without breaking the bank. Below, she shares five of her best tips and tricks to help you easily and affordably refresh your bathroom.

Start With Paint

Updating your bathroom’s color to a new hue can bring an entirely different look and feel to your space. 

“It's no surprise that paint works wonders,” says Foster. “If any bathroom is a boring color or just too bland, paint it! This is how I started every room in my house.”

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Use Peel and Stick Floor Tiles

When looking for cost-efficient yet sturdy bathroom flooring, don’t sleep on peel-and-stick floor tiles. When installed correctly, they can last up to 25 years and come in a variety of styles to suit your preferred aesthetic.

“Peel and stick floor tiles are my jam. I loved using them in both my guest and primary bathrooms, and they're still intact. The tiles have a sticky back on them, they're easy to cut just by using a box cutter or X-Acto knife and they snap off. I used a ruler to score mine and the measurements were spot on. I do recommend using grout with the tiles for extra longevity.”

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Consider Subway Tiles for the Walls

"Using subway tiles was one of the cheapest, easiest things I introduced in my bathroom," shares Foster. “It added texture and more of a customized look to the space. I used plain 3x6 white tiles with premixed white grout. I chose to use pre-mixed grout for ease of use and less mess.”

Before photo of master bathroom. Image: Courtesy of DIY by Niky Foster.

Change up the Lighting Fixtures

Swapping out lighting is easier than it looks, and the YouTuber says doing so is a simple way to instantly upgrade your bathroom. There are endless options available in different styles and finishes, from vanity lights to sconces.

“I actually purchased mine from Amazon. Instead of a dated light fixture, I was able to swap it out for something more modern.”

Bathroom Light Fixture

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Utilize Mirror Trim

“I've seen people customize this by using wood and attaching it to the mirror. For me, I used a flexible peel-and-stick material called Mirror Trim. I was able to cut it with scissors, and it worked amazingly.”

Peel and Stick Mirror Trim

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