As women, we spend insane amounts of time picking the perfect sulfate-free shampoos for our curls and coils, paraben-free and fragrance-free body butters for our skin, and organic cleansers for our faces. But many of us aren’t aware of the eco-friendly alternatives available for our most sensitive area – our vay-jay-jays.

According to the National Women’s Heath Network, each year, we purchase more than 12 billion feminine care products, such as washes, douches, sprays, tampons, pads and personal wipes. Even though we are quite familiar with the mass-market brands, there are several organic and all-natural lady care products for those seeking different options.

Honey Pot

About The Product: Founder Beatrice Feliu Espada created the all-natural, vegan feminine wash to heal a bacterial infection. It worked like a charm, and she has been sharing her formula with the masses ever since.

How It Works: Simply use clean hands to apply the wash.

Where To Buy: select Whole Foods locations or, $13.99


Honest Organic Cotton Tampons/ Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free Pads

About The Product: These affordable tampons and pads are free of fragrances, dyes or chemicals. Instead, manufacturers use a combination of absorbent materials and adhesives derived from natural ingredients such as wheat.

How It Works: Apply them like you would a standard tampon or pad.

Where To Buy:, $6.95 / Target, $3.99


She Thinx Panties

About The Product: For those who want to forgo traditional feminine care products, check out these environment-friendly bloomers. They are equipped with layers of anti-microbial that help fight bacteria and leakage.

How It Works: Just slide on a pair and go. The panties absorb fluid while keeping your clothes and sheets fresh. When it’s time to clean, rinse first, and then wash with cold water before air-drying.

Where To Buy:, $29-$34


Femme Cup

About The Company: This is a great way to stay healthy and sanitary during your cycle while also lowering your carbon footprint. These reusable menstrual cups are economical as you can reuse them every month.

How It Works: The insertable product works like a tampon, but it doesn’t absorb menstrual flow. It collects it.

Where To Buy:, $19.99


Box Naturals Luxury Towelettes

About The Company: Whether you’re on your period or just want to freshen up, these towelettes take the feminine wipe to the next level. Formulated with essential oils and without chemicals and parabens, the luxury cloths make tidying up so luxurious.

How It Works: You can use it for your “hands, faces and special places.” When you’re done, simply dispose.

Where To Buy:, $8.99