This week, Vice President Kamala Harris is traveling to Ghana, Tanzania and Zambia. During this time, she will be strengthening the United States' relationships with leaders from the three African nations, as they look forward to the future. Of course, any trip—no matter how far—needs a fire playlist to keep the energy and vibes going during the adventure.

Vice President Harris recently shared her personally curated Spotify playlist titled, My Travels: Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia. Here are some of the songs from the VP's list that should make their way onto your devices ASAP.


Jay Melody

Jay Melody's "Sawa" encapsulates the immaculate vibes that emanate from the AfroBeats genre, which beautifully mirror the spirit of African people. This song would be the perfect tune to play when touching down in your chosen destination.


Kuami Eugene ft. Rotimi

Just like the beat, cryptocurrency is hot right now and becoming a staple of economy across multiple countries. As governmental leaders will be discussing economic relations as well, this song seems like the perfect hype music to play before stepping into the boardroom.

Reckless and Sweet


With every work trip, the goal is to work hard but also make time to play harder. Whether you splurge at upscale restaurants or take in the hottest lounges in the foreign city you're in, a little bit of "reckless" fun won't hurt.

Act A Fool

All My Cousins

While Vice President Kamala Harris may be on official business, it's evident that this song also makes her want to dance while on her trip. From the lyrics to the baseline, this song deserves to be on replay a few times.

Me In 20 Years

Moses Sumney

The purpose of this international trip is to foster relations that secure a prosperous future for the United States and African countries. Sumney's song is representative of reflection while looking to the future with introspection, similar to what is surely happening during this time.