If there is an underrated fact that the public has learned over the past few years, it is that health care professionals are heroes—nurses especially. Nurses are our first line of contact in doctor's offices and hospitals, and they are often responsible for how comfortable we feel during times of crisis.

They work extra long shifts, spend time away from family, and are faced with tedious tasks that require dedicated attention.

To celebrate and honor the nurses in your life for all of their hard work, diligence and sacrifice, here are some gift ideas to bestow upon them and show them love.

OFRA Cosmetics_operation happy nurse
OFRA Cosmetics
Operation Happy Nurse
OFRA Cosmetics teamed up with Operation Happy Nurse to create this kit. Operation Happy Nurse is a nonprofit that provides aid for nurses to focus on their mental and physical health. $5 will be donated to the organization from each sale of the bundle which includes facial cleansers and hand cream to help alleviate the strain of a nurse's day to day work.

Price: $49

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Go Air Tones Wireless Earpods
Earbuds are a necessity for any nurse to have when on the job. During a brief moment of free time, they can find a bit of peace through listening to a guided meditation or their favorite platlist.

Price: $25

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scrub cap
Hunter Green Satin Lined Scrub Caps
Comfortability is key while nurses are working. To protect their hair for long hours, this satin lined cap does just the trick while making sure they can pay the proper attention during their tasks.

Price: $18

Portable Espresso Machine
Coffee is an optimal beverage to keep a healthcare professional's energy up. To cut costs and have a perfect cup of joe at any time, consider gifting this portable espresso machine.

Price: $55

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Vegan Leather Backpack
A sturdy and durable backpack is equally important for nurses. This spacious and stylish bag from Cise is an exemplary gift to share.

Price: $100

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