We all need backup hair plans for the days when we just cannot deal. From heavy metals to fauna headbands, there are so many looks to add style to your hair when it just won’t cooperate. Here are our top five:

The veil: Hats, summery crocheted beanies and veils all offer different looks for the summer. These can be pieces that cover most of your hair or only a small portion. With the various fabrics and textures, you can find casual looks and red carpet looks.

Turbans: Turbans add an ethnic, funky vibe to your look. They come in all sorts of vibrant colors and have numerous ways you can tie them—traditional or more modern, your choice.

Headbands: Headbands are the ultimate hair accessories. You wore them as a baby, and you can definitely rock them as an adult. They come in various metals, shapes, sizes and textures. My favorite look: a big ‘fro with a thick, bright headband so everyone can see it.

Floral: Whether it’s for an outdoor festival or a wedding, floral headbands are great for a fun, fresh look. You can get them with large or small dainty flowers, silk or real. Either way, this ethereal look adds beauty and brightness.

Hair bows:  You’re probably thinking, hair bows? Yep! The new-and- improved hair bows offer a variety of styles. You can mold them into any look you desire while still feeling like a grown woman. Rock a traditional bow or any of the other shapes and get great use out of it.

–Lexi with the Curls