“On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me …”

It’s that time of year again, folks, and what a blessing it is to have loved ones to celebrate and exchange gifts with. Chances are, you have a good grasp of who you’re dating and what that person likes, but for those who are new to a boo this season, or if he or she has everything, here are five gift ideas for that special someone in your life:

1. Spa Day for Her

Nothing says “I love you” or “I like you a whole lot” like a spa day. Grant the lucky lady in your life a full day of uninterrupted relaxation. I’m talking back rub, mani, pedi, hairstyling and meal included. She’ll be sure to thank you later.

2. Back Rub for Him

Show the man in your life you care by gifting him with a massage. A nice back rub shows that you are putting his health and care at the top of list; plus, who doesn’t like relaxing?

3. Sex Vouchers For Him or Her

If you’ve taken your relationship to the next level, few things say “It’s all about you” like  a book of sex vouchers. Grant your lover the gift of demands in the bedroom this season, and watch how he or she feels like royalty. After all, if you have decided to make this person your boo, then you should have no problem making it all about him or her on occasion.

4. Season Tickets for Him

If your man is into sports, one of the best things you can get him is season tickets to his favorite sports team’s games. If you can’t quite afford to get him season tickets, then get tickets to a few games. If you can, also grab one for his boy.

5. Gift Cards to His or Her Favorite Store

Sometimes you are better off letting your mate decide what he or she would like for Christmas. This is where the gift card comes in. Get your love interest a gift card to a favorite store, which will allow him or her to pick out exactly what they want–just don’t go cheap (e.g., $10) with the amount.