From conversations to good ol’ family times, the kitchen has always been the place where things are brewing… literally! Here are a few kitchen must haves that will keep the kitchen in style and productive. Let form and function make your life a little easier and create more time for chatting with loved ones.

1. Xtrema 8” 100% Ceramic Cake Pan Warning: the Xtrema cake pan may wreak havoc on your diet. Why? Because once you’ve had a moist cake baked in this beauty and only had to spend about 5 seconds cleaning it, you may find yourself baking a lot more often. The Xtrema also uses less energy and reduces cooking time. Unlike other non-stick cookware, the 100% ceramic surface means you won’t have to later deal with a peeling pan or toxic chemicals seeping into your food. This may be the world’s greatest cake pan, seriously.

2. Orka Oven Mitt- While it may be a little odd-looking, the Orka mitt is comfortable, waterproof, has a non-slip grip and withstands intense heat all at once. Say goodbye to those easily stained cloth mitts with the ghost of spaghetti sauce past lurking about and upgrade to this cotton-lined silicone mitten, that is both durable and stain free. It can stand the highest of heats, so you can reach down and get that cookie that fell to the bottom of the oven with no fear. The Orka also comes in different colors, so you don’t have to compromise your kitchen’s all-pink-everything theme with a yellow oven mitt (or, worse, burned red hands).

3. Le Creuset Tea KettleThe Le Creuset Tea Kettle is not just a must have because of its clean and sophisticated look and its range of colors (thought that may be reason enough to keep one around). The kettle also works very quickly and offers an ear-pleasing whistle as soon as the water reaches a rolling boil. This is perfect for a much-needed cup of tea in the morning, or those moments when relaxation is key. Le Creuset kettles also come in a number of shades-we’re in love with the Caribbean blue one.

4. African Bolga Market Basket– From the motherland to our own kitchen…why not intertwine culture with function? African Bolga Market baskets are beautifully designed and can brighten up any kitchen area. They are perfect for holding vegetables or fruits on the kitchen or dining room table. They could even be re-usable bags for grocery store visits. Unlike other containers, these baskets are firm and weaved to provide maximum durability.

5. Kitchen Aid Mixer– Whether you like making cupcakes, pies or pancakes the Kitchen Aid Mixer makes mixing easy. No more of that heavy arm feeling from mixing with your hands-hallelu! The mixer allows you to choose the speed and that’s all you have to worry about. The Kitchen Aid Mixer is an investment piece that will pay for itself over and over again.