If there’s one thing that rings true for tech heads, it’s that they tend to have a lot of gadgets. This can make it difficult to shop for them. After all, what can you buy for someone who seems to already have everything and needs nothing? The answer is simple: something they never realized they need. This guide is full of unique gadgets that will instantly elevate and add value to dad’s life. Consider these items as last-minute Father's Day gifts for the tech-loving papa in your life.

Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine

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Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine

Price: $370

Shop at Bartesian

With this handy contraption, hailed as “a Keurig for alcohol,” pops can mix up the perfect craft cocktail in less than 30 seconds. It’s convenient and fun. No need to measure any ingredients. No mess to clean up after. He’ll simply add his alcohol of choice to the cocktail maker, place one of the cocktail capsules into the machine, choose his desired drink strength and press the mix button. The Bartesian will even suggest the ideal glassware to use.

Ray-Ban Stories Smart Sunglasses

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Stories Smart Sunglasses

Price: $240

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These stylish shades got a major upgrade. The Ray-Ban Stories Smart Sunglasses sync with your techie’s phone, allowing them to snap photos, record videos, listen to music or podcasts and answer phone calls with just a simple tap—or even hands-free—just by using their voice. The dual 5MP camera captures high-quality images, while the three built-in microphones ensure rich sound quality. The glasses charge in their portable case and can last for up to six hours once fully charged.

Epson Home Cinema 880 Projector

Home Cinema 880 Projector

Price: $600

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When it comes to your guy’s home theater, go big or go home. The state-of-the-art Epson Home Cinema 880 projector utilizes 3LCD technology to provide a crisp 1080 image that can appear up to a massive 320 inches large on any blank wall. The built-in speakers allow for the most immersive HD viewing experience, and set up is quick and easy.

Ōura Fitness Tracker Ring

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Ōura RIng
Gen 3

Price: $299

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This thoughtful gift can aid dad in achieving his health and wellness goals. It can even be synced with all his favorite fitness apps. The Oura ring was designed to help the wearer maintain a snapshot of their overall health and fitness at all times. Using research-grade sensors, the lightweight, durable waterproof ring tracks heart rate, steps, movement, recovery, sleep and blood oxygen levels, plus stores the insights.


Stealth Angel Solar Charger

Solar_Battery_02_600x_crop_center copy
Stealth Angel
Solar Charger

Price: $35

Shop at Stealth Angel

Whether your special man enjoys the outdoors or simply appreciates having an emergency backup, he will never be without power with this solar-charged power bank. Designed with a rugged, heavy-duty leather casing, it is built to last and can survive the elements. It has a large 20,000 mAh capacity, dual charging ports to accommodate two devices and even comes with a built-in lighter and flashlight.

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