There is never a wrong time to choose to better oneself. Although the new year is symbolic of a fresh start, you can begin anew whenever you'd like.

Consider adding these retreats to your calendar this year to help you refresh and lean into your goals and purpose in life.

Ascend: The Highest Values Workshop

Sunday, January 29, 2023, virtual

One of the most essential things that can be done in life is to be aligned with our respective values. Led by renowned thought leader and social entrepreneur Rachel Cargle, this event identifies how these values manifest in our life through constructive dialogue and legitimate practice.

Liberated Yoga Retreat

June 13-22, 2023, Ghana

For 10 days, revel in the history, culture and atmosphere of Ghana while focusing on holistic movement and wellness. The Liberated Yoga Retreat, led by fitness expert Christa Janine, will journey through 5 Ghanian cities and decolonize elements of yoga while centering peace through experiencing parts of the Motherland.

QTBIPOC Summer Solstice Camping Retreat

June 2023

Brown Suga Healing is led by Dominique Cowling, a Mindfulness and Embodiment Facilitator who values the importance of mental health from personal experience. Cowling's work is rooted in social justice and trauma-informed healing. It is this praxis that will guided the QTBIPOC (Queer/Trans Black, Indigenous, People Of Color) Summer Solstice Camping Retreat along with other retreat offerings from Brown Suga Healing.

Black Writers Weekend

August 4 - 6, 2023, Atlanta

The Black Writers Weekend was founded as a place of respite and inspiration for Black writers of all backgrounds. Hosted in the ATL, the weekend brings literary icons and curators together to reflect on their work and build community with one another. The goal during this time is to "connect, network and celebrate."

The IMARA Retreat

November 10 - 16 2023, Marrakech

Based on relaxation and self-awareness, the IMARA Retreat brings Black women to an aesthetically pleasing and culturally rich location to be in-tuned with their most authentic self. It is an opportunity for Black women to love on each other and building meaningful relationships. The 2023 retreat will be held in Marrakech.