During the winter months, our lips need a little TLC. Chapstick or Vaseline by themselves aren’t going to cut it. And if you’re a lip biter, you’re definitely going to need something stronger than a simple salve to restore your pout. What to do? A good lip scrub is the answer to get rid of dry, icky flakes. To start, use it once a week, then work your way up to every two to three days. Don't use it daily though—as you don't want to overexfoliate.

Try one of the five lip scrubs we’ve rounded up below and you’ll be on your way to a softer, smoother kisser.

Image: courtesy of Dior

Dior Lip Sugar Scrub, $35, dior.com

The grains of sugar in this scrub exfoliate the skin and then melt away leaving supple lips.
Image: courtesy of The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar Pamper Your Pout Lip Care Kit, $11, thelipbar.com

Combat chapped lips with this dynamic duo, which includes the Rockstar Lip Scrub and Juicy Lip Serum.
Image: courtesy of Ulta

Essence Coffee to Glow Coffee Lip Scrub, $4, ulta.com

You don't need a cup of joe to revive your kisser. Using this scrub to help remove dirt and dead skin will do the trick.
Image: Sephora

Kaja Balmy Bento Lip Balm + Scrub, $17, sephora.com

Enjoy a soft and supple pout after using this two-in-one treatment. Its piña colada flavor is yummy!
Image: courtesy of Mac Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics Lip Scrubtious, $18, maccosmetics.com

Use this sugar-based scrub to gently buff away dry skin and flakes.