With the holiday season in full effect, you have more than likely been indulging in foods and drinks that you wouldn’t normally consume, as have most people. And it is very, very easy to overindulge and give in to those cravings in the name of the holiday season.

If you’re like me, your body will let you know when enough is enough, and it won’t always be pretty. Here are five natural ways to detoxify after a hard season.

1) Fiber

Brown rice, whole wheat, quinoa and other high-fiber foods are your friends! Ridding your body of impure and unnecessary substances is the name of the game. Eating plenty of foods containing fiber, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, helps your body rid itself of waste not serving as vitamins and nutrients, which are needed for the body to function properly.

2) Meditation

People underestimate the power of meditation in connection with detoxification. When you’re in a right place mentally and emotionally, it is easy to achieve physical health and enlightenment. If you have yet to incorporate meditation into your regular routine, then I suggest you do so. It helps to not only center you, but to relieve stress.

3) Green Tea

The benefits of green tea are limitless. In fact, some would say it is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. Not only is it a 0 calorie drink (which greatly aids you with your weight-loss goals), but it serves as an organic detoxification drink with zero additives. Green tea is said to improve brain function and lower your risk of cancer.

4) Healthy herbs

Whether you cook with them, add them to your drinks or take them with water, herbs—such as turmeric, peppermint and berry—and minerals should be a regular part of your detoxification process. The benefits include better concentration and improved energy; you just cannot afford to not include them.

5) Rest

It doesn’t matter if you need eight hours of sleep or six, just be sure to rest as often as you can. Sleeping allows your body to recharge, something we all need. Even if you are unable to fall asleep, lie down and rest your mind and body.