As the world prepares to be blown away by Marvel's Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, fans are longing for the opportunity to experience the magic of Wakanda in real life. From the allure of the characters' melanated skin and stunning traditional yet futuristic costumes, to the lush backdrops and overall beauty of seeing people who look like us walk in grace and power—it may seem like visiting such a place isn't possible, but it certainly is.

While the real Wakanda is a made up sci-fi universe, there are several global destinations that hold a similar beauty and magic. And the best part, they're only a flight away. If you love all-things the Marvel kingdom possesses and have longed for a chance to visit, here's a list of cities around the world that provide a real-life Wakanda feel.

Accra, Ghana

Image: Michael Quaynor/ Pexels.

From its long-running Year of Return campaign to literally now being one of the most sought after African destinations for travelers across the diaspora, Accra, Ghana is a must-see. The best time to visit is later in the year—late December into February—as this is when the country is filled with festivities, including the annual Afrochella music event.

Atlanta, Georgia

Image: Nate Hovee/ Pexels.

If any U.S. city could pass for Wakanda, it would certainly be ATL. From its thousands of beautiful Black residents and the overall fact that Black people in the city are always making power moves, to the ever-evolving and growing Atlanta skyline— there's something about the peach state city that cannot be found anywhere else. Also, many of the movie's shots were filmed on a soundstage in Georgia.

Lagos, Nigeria

Image: Temitayo Aina/ Unsplash.

As Africa's second-most populous city, Lagos has now solidified itself as the continent's 'boom town.' As more tech startups begin to call the city home, it is being deemed as the new Silicon Valley. And, what's more Wakanda than that? There's an explosion of innovation happening in Lagos, and the rest of the world is finally catching on. So much so, that big venture capital firms, especially from the United States and China, are investing in the city.

Dakar, Senegal

Image: Papa Birame Faye/ Pexels.

A vibrant and colorful West African city, Senegal may soon be home to Wakanda in real-life. Senegalese-born musician Akon has been in the news over the years for his plans to build what he's calling Akon City. The project was first announced in 2018 by the entertainer along with Senegal's Minister of Tourism. The $6 billion solar-powered city will reportedly be home to Africa's largest hospital as well as hotels, a stadium and an airport among other things. Things were halted due to the pandemic, but Akon recently shared the first phase of the city will be open for living in 2026.

Victoria Falls, Zambia

Image: Sammy Wong/ Unsplash.

If you recall the scene in Black Panther where the Wakanda spaceship flies over a stunning waterfall just before T'Challa's throne ceremony, then you know just how gorgeous Zambia's Victoria Falls is. But, Black travelers have known this well before the film released. The falls are located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, and most thrill seekers enjoy visiting the Devil's Pool—a small pool-like body of water that lives at the edge of the falls, giving the illusion that you could potentially fall over. But, there is a hidden barrier that technically protects from that.