So, you've officially made it through the holidays and hosting your events. It's time to take down the Christmas tree, pack up all the ornaments and garland, and transition your home decor away from the holiday feel. Even though it may seem a little premature, it's actually time to start thinking ahead to spring vibes.

Charlotte, North Carolina-based interior decorator, Ariene Bethea of Dressing Rooms Interiors Studio, knows a thing or two about refreshing spaces and giving them a new feel, even with small changes. She was recently among the expert team of decorators and designers asked to bring the 2022 House Beautiful Whole Home to life in Atlanta. Bethea curated a stunning work from home space, adorned in what she says is her color palette of the moment—eggplant, plum, magenta and red.

Ariene Bethea inside her studio. Image: courtesy of Dressing Room Interiors Studio.

"I love these colors together. Red and pinks and purples," she shares. "That's just the mood I'm in right now. For the work from home space, I went with an aubergine color, which is like an eggplant. For the walls, I did the eggplant in a sheen and then a matte finish. I also wallpapered the ceiling. I didn't want it to feel overly masculine or feminine. "

The former HR professional turned vintage furniture collector and interior decorator says the first rule of thumb to a home refresh is deciding how you want your space or room to feel when you walk in.

"That's where I always start with homeowners. You have to think about your space and how you want to feel in it. I then give adjectives based on the feelings that they tell me, and from there I am able to pull color swatches based on the mood and vibe they want to feel. In the end, there is no right or wrong way," she adds. "Your home is your refuge, and it's the only place that represents you. It affects how you move through your day, and I feel like people really need to pay attention to that. Even if you are in a temporary home, you should feel good about your space all the time."

EBONY leaned on Bethea—also recognized as having one of the '28 Most Beautiful Designer-Owned Shops in the World' by Veranda Magazine—to get a few tips on how we can move our home decor away from the holiday season.

Change up your lamp shades

An easy way to update your decor in the new year is by swapping out your lamp shades.

"After the tree comes down, what I would suggest is switching out your plain lamp shades with something that is lacquered in a color or that has a pattern," she says. "Even a pleated shade. You want to go for something that is a little more interesting in dynamic— that will definitely update your space."

As for where to shop for new shades, she suggests Neiman Marcus or Wayfair. In 2023, she will also be launching a collection of lamp shades, along with candles, through her studio.

Dressing Room Interiors Studio
Mudcloth Inspired Lamp Shade
Add a touch of print and texture to your space with this unique lamp shade.

Price: $130

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Invest in new, quality throw pillows

If you haven't already done so, Bethea says investing in good, quality throw pillows can make all the difference in the world, even if you don't think so.

"It's so easy to spot a cheap throw pillow. When I say cheap, I don't mean cost, but the quality of it. Your pillows should always be full, even after sitting. They should be filled with down, duck or goose feathers. It should always have shape," says Bethea.

Depending on where you're located, the Dressing Rooms Interiors Studio owner says Pottery Barn and IKEA are always great places to start. Of course, she has options in studio and through her online shop as well.

"The trick when buying covers and inserts is, your pillow insert (the filling) should be two-inches larger than your cover," advises Bethea. "So, if you have a 20-inch pillow, you need a 22-inch insert. That will make your pillow look plump, and it won't go flat."

Pottery Barn
Theo Striped Pillow Cover
These neutral covers will look great in any space. Don't forget Bethea's tip on the proper size insert to buy, too.

Price: $60

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According to Bethea, painting is the quickest way to achieve a dramatic transformation.

"Don't just go for an accent wall, though," she explains. "You have to go with doing all four walls to really bring your transformation together. Or, paint the ceiling—your fifth wall which can add some texture to the room—or even the fireplace. Either way, pick a color and commit."

Image: courtesy of Dressing Room Interiors Studio.

Shop for new rugs

Before you just go out to pick something that catches your eye, spend a little time utilizing the various online resources available to help you figure out the exact size rug you need for your space. Oftentimes, people end up with rugs that simply don't fit their rooms.

"Rugs are a great way to add color, texture and pattern to your home decor, almost immediately," Bethea shares. "But, you want to make sure that all of your pieces of furniture—at least the legs—fit onto the rug."

Keith Haring Freestyle Rug
This trendy pop art-inspired rug will be a great addition to your floors in the new year.

Price: $279

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Change out knobs on fixtures

Another quick fix for a post-holiday refresh is swapping out knobs on fixtures around your home.

"That could be anything from kitchen cabinetry to your TV cabinet or buffet," says Bethea. "I like shopping for knobs at a local spot called Modern Matter Hardware."

Modern Matter
Lane 1.40" Custom Knob
Sometimes all you need is a pop of color. This custom knob comes in a variety of hues and is great for your kitchen cabinets or drawers.

Price: $85

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