The natural hair revolution is here! Nikki Walton of the popular natural hair blog has finally released her first and highly anticipated book, Better Than Good Hair. For women who are thinking about going natural, and those who need a bit of a push, this is the guide you’ve been waiting for. The book covers a large array of questions and concerns regarding the natural hair lifestyle. From how to keep your hair healthy and tamed during (and after) workouts, to stories about women whose family didn’t accept their natural hair, this book touches on it all. Our five reasons to read this new curly girl treat don’t even begin to acknowledge why this book is a must have, but a girl’s gotta start somewhere!

1. Kim Wayans’s Foreward: The princess of comedy has written one of the funniest forewards I’ve ever read. Kim shares her personal experience of always having natural hair and how much of a struggle it was. Funny stories about her attending a predominately White school where the smell of  “burning popcorn” meant Kim was pressing her hair to a hilarious story about her braid falling out right on top of the curry chicken at her best friend’s wedding keeps the reader laughing. Towards the end, she reflects on how going natural has helped her grow into herself. “In many ways, going completely natural was a spiritual journey that enabled me to remove a mask and become my more authentic self,” says Wayans.

2. Your Hair, Your Words: Nikki gave the readers of her blog a chance to become part of her book journey, as there are stories and entries of everyday women and obstacles they face with their natural hair. It’s always easier to accept advice when you know people have actually had the same experience.

3. Baby Steps: Whether you have recently made the big chop to go natural or have always been natural, the step-by-step instructions to healthy hair are phenomenal. There are definitions of natural hair “lingo” to make sure you’re completely understanding every stage of your journey. I definitely learned a thing or two, and I’ve been natural for over three years!

4. Tutorials: Every natural girl loves a good tutorial. Sometimes not knowing how to style your hair can be one of the hardest struggles. There are tutorial illustrations as well as thoroughly detailed instructions on how to create some amazing styles.

5. Curly Kids: Towards the end of the book, there’s a special section just for kids. It includes tips on how to tend to a natural toddler all the way to knowing how to care for the hair of your young curly-haired daughter. This is the perfect cherry on top, because the entire family can be healthy, curly and happy together.

Better Than Good Hair is on shelves and online now! Make sure you get your guide to healthy natural hair.