Seven Year Switch premieres July 17 at 10 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

There’s nothing like the guilty pleasure of turning in for a good night of reality TV. From The Real Housewives of any city to Iyanla fixing our lives on a weekly basis, we all have our favorites, whether or not we admit it out loud.

One show that may have flown under your radar is Lifetime’s Seven Year Switch, a series that explores the complexities of marriage after seven years by removing the subject completely, not only to be partnered with someone seemingly more compatible, but who also has relationship baggage of their own. Is the grass always greener on the other side? These couples find out the hard way!

Here are five reasons season three of Lifetime’s Seven Year Switch should be on your radar this summer:

It truly is REALITY television.

When reality television initially took off just over a decade ago, there was far more authenticity involved. Sure, there’s always been some extra “razzle-dazzle” thrown in for the cameras, but that has grown into pre-planned plot lines and aspiring actors looking for their breakout “roles.” Seven Year Switch deals with actual couples looking to either find peace with each other or wake up and realize it’s time to spilt. The process can be grueling for some and appears to be surprisingly easy for others, but it’s all real.

It’s relatable.

No one is immune to relationship issues. Love can be a hard road to navigate, even with the ones we believe are meant to walk the path with us. Many times, we feel we’ve had it and are willing to try just about anything to resolve any number of issues that can arise within a marriage. These couples reflect our own experiences in relationships and the difficulties that can arise if we don’t face those issues head-on. Would we ever trade spouses with complete strangers? Maybe, maybe not! The roots of their problems, however, are no different than ours.

It’s a good laugh:

Pairing up two random people will always result in some very awkward yet hilarious moments! To see a man’s entire demeanor switch between his wife and his new partner is nothing short of classic. Also, while the intention is to find compatible new “spouses,” the chemistry isn’t always there, and there’s nothing better than watching two uncomfortable married folks who can’t wait to get back to their regular lives argue about their feelings with a stranger. Pass the popcorn!

You’ll learn something.

Let’s be real here: Much of reality TV boils down to senseless entertainment with no true value once you’ve switched back to your Netflix binge. Seven Year Switch offers advice we can all apply to our own relationships, advice that could keep you from ending up on the show down the line!

It has it all.

If you’re looking for relationship drama, romance, regret and newfound love, Seven Year Switch provides it all in spades. It is both touching and entertaining, and viewers will ride a roller coaster of emotions while indulging in the series.

Seven Year Switch premieres July 17 at 10 p.m. EST on Lifetime.