Finding the right nightstand can sometimes be a pain. It always depends on the theme/color/size of your bedroom. For many the theme of your bedroom can be hard to pick out initially because within minuets your mind can change and you have a new vision in mind. If you're going for more of a more modern looking room with a little edge, adding a sculptural piece of furniture can spice things up. Urban Outfitters has some of the chicest and affordable sculptural nightstands and end tables that can double as a nightstand.

Below, EBONY rounds up our top 5 picks.

Urban Outfitters Femme Ceramic Side Table
This ceramic side table pays tributes to lovely curves of a woman's body with side handles.

Femme Ceramic Side Table, $179,

Urban Outfitters Vera Ceramic Side Table
This rust colored cut out side table is a fun pop of color.

Vera Ceramic Side Table, $189,

Urban Outfitters Stassi Indoor/Outdoor Side Table
This sky blue bubble-edged side table is the perfect size for those low beds.

Stassi Indoor/Outdoor Side Table, $119,

Urban Outfitters Cactus Copper Side Table
Who doesn't love a good western themed room? This bronze colored cactus doubles as a nightstand.

Cactus Copper Side Table, $499,

Urban Outfitters Concrete Side Table
I know, I know it looks like a concrete block and thats the point. It's called art!

Concrete Side Table, $169,