Sex positivity comes in many forms. However, prioritizing safety, confidence and an informed mindset is paramount when engaging in the subject matter. To learn more, check out these engaging sex-positive accounts on Instagram.



Dalychia and Rafaella, the founders of the Afrosexology platform, have developed an exploratory space that searches to uncover the myths and misconceptions regarding the intersections of sex, sexuality and gender from the perspective of Afrocentricity.

B Condoms


Founded by Jason Panda, this Black-owned condom company not only promotes its products but it also encourages a healthy dialogue about the realm of safe sex.

Tia Savonne


Sex educator Tia Savonne incorporates sex discussions held across social media into a contextualized framework through prompts and informative information.

Late Night w/ Ler & Lionel


Posting clips from their podcast, Ler and Lionel hold respectful conversations regarding sex while tapping into the nuanced social discourse on the subject matter. These Philly-based hosts are also bringing their gift of gab and sexually liberated innuendos on the road to different states.

Courtney W Brame


Emphasizing the importance of safe sex, Courtney Brame works to dispel narratives surrounding STIs and how to live a fruitful life with an unexpected diagnose.