The warmth of spring is in the air and, for some, so is love. Now that the signs of warmer seasons have begun to show themselves, there is more to do outside. Different venues and organizations have special activities and programs to take advantage of that are of low cost and catered for the springtime.

Depart from the usual and surprise your boo with an exciting Springtime date that is both cute and accessible with these activity ideas.

Trek to Your Local Farmer's Market

If your bae is an early riser on the weekends, a trip to the farmer's market may be right up their alley. You can check out the fresh produce and interesting goodies that vendors have available and if you are lucky, there might even be entertainment around. For a double win, what you purchase can go toward a romantic dinner in the evening.

Picnic at a Botanical Garden

Most cities have a botanical garden or park of some sort nearby. Pack a lunch with your favorite snacks along with your favorite blanket and enjoy the beauty of your environment. Some gardens have displays that highlight what is in bloom on their premises that you can check out as well.

Unwind at a Luxury Spa

For a more pristine afternoon, consider taking your partner to a spa. Treat yourselves to a couples massage or matching pedicure treatments for a day of pampering and self-care. Because you can't love on someone else if you cannot love yourself, this date idea prioritizes the wellbeing of one's self and the other person.

Take in a Outdoor Movie

While many believe that drive-in movies are a thing of the past, they've never been more popular as they have in recent years. Transforming your vehicle it into your own private section is an intimate activity to enjoy this spring. If there are no drive-in spots in your area, some community venues may hold a movie night series on their public green to look out for.

Stroll Through an Art Gallery

Art galleries and museums often host special days that are free or at reduced cost. Take advantage of those offerings and spend your date taking in new exhibitions and learning about art. When you've finished viewing, snap a quick pic to memorialize the wonderful time that you had.