It’s safe to say Mr. West is one of the best-dressed men on the planet. But that’s not without some earlier stylish mishaps—like, for example, the window-shade glasses or those excessively loud Louie scarves. But time heals all fashion wounds, and we’re here to help you embrace your inner Yeezy. You know, find your fashion god (or goddess) within and start stuntin’ on them.

To get you started, we offer five fashion faux pas Kanye would probably tell his closest friends never to commit.

1. Thou shalt not wear T-shirts with logos on them. 

Not all of us have a thousand dollars sitting around for a T-shirt, so here’s a more affordable option. Unis offers a jersey cotton tee that’s probably the softest I’ve ever felt. (Unis – Lee; $52.00)

2. Thou shalt not wear any more wack-ass jeans.

Haha, Yeezy has his own freakin’ jean, which is probably way better and cooler than anything you own now. We like them, and so will other Hypebeast when you show them the logo. Don’t procrastinate. Get a pair. (Kanye Jeans by APC; $280.00)

3. Thou shalt wear fly sneakers. 

But Yeezy may not trip off of the brand. They just need to be fly. (Pure Boost; $120)

4. Thou shalt not look down on men in leather pants (unless he’s wearing them in the summer). 

On second thought, we suggest getting them now, because they’ll be sold out in a few months. And when people ask, “Where did you get yours?” just give them the Kanye shrug. (Kith “COA” Mercer II Leather Pant; $450.00)

5. Thou shalt be extremely confident in whatever he is wearing. 

The real lesson here: You don’t need any of the above to embrace your inner Kanye. If you have confidence, people will bang with you regardless. In other words, your posture should say, “You can’t tell me nothing!”

Until next time… in Yeezus we trust.

—Corey Chalumeau