Do you find yourself more tired than usual, mentally foggy or irritable? Though factors like proper sleep and exercise can contribute to the aforementioned, there is an even simpler possibility that may be affecting your daily life: what’s on your plate. Remember the saying, "you are what you eat?" We often teach it to children and forget about its importance in our adult years, when energy and mental acuteness, particularly in the workplace and our day-to-day lives are crucial to function healthily. Adjusting your diet with energy boosting, nurturing foods, can literally change not only your life, but your outlook on it as well.

Here are five superfoods to incorporate into your diet to start you off on the right track. 


Many people are unaware of blueberries’ amazing benefits to our health. Look in some of your favorite beauty products and you may even find the fruit in it, namely because of its superior anti-ageing properties. Packed with anti-oxidants, blueberries can also boost your memory, lower blood pressure and protect the brain and heart.

Suggested usage: throw a handful of blueberries on top of some yogurt, or add to a green smoothie.


Kale is now so popular that it really needs no introduction. It is important, however, to reiterate just why so many people are raving about this superfood. Kale has more iron per calorie than steak. Just one cup of kale includes more than 1000 percent of your daily recommended vitamin K, an antioxidant that promotes bone growth and regulates blood clotting. It contains 200% of your daily recommend vitamin C and is an excellent source of dietary fiber and vitamin B6. Need I say more?

Suggested usage: add a cup to a smoothie or sauté with olive oil and garlic for a great salad


An apple a day…you know the rest. Apples have been linked to weight loss, lower cholesterol, and a boost in immunity. In 2007, a study from Cornell University found flavonoids in the skin of apples fight against breast cancers.

Suggested usage: eat it whole, or slice and sprinkle with cinnamon and honey for extra flavor


Beans are glorious, aren’t they? They can be prepared so many ways and are so filling. A few of beans’ benefits include regulating the colon, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure and reducing risk of diabetes.

Suggested usage: Simmer with garlic and onion and throw some cilantro on top.


Heart disease continues to be an epidemic in our community. Salmon is an excellent way to prevent cardiovascular problems. The Omega-3 content in salmon helps lower the level of triglycerides, which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease.

Suggested usage: Marinate in honey and low sodium soy sauce, then sear in pan.

Aim to incorporate each item below at least once a week, then increase as you see fit. You will be amazed at how your dependence to sugar and other addictive foods will lessen the more you honor your body with fresh foods. The goal is for healthier foods to become a way of life, not a fad. Enjoy!