Along with those muscle-building protein shakes, every Black man should be taking his fair share of daily supplements to maintain a healthy body. Take note, fellas. 


Chocked full of essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, fish oil is the go-to supplement for maintaining a healthy heart. Not only has it been found to help lower your cholesterol, it can also reduce your risk of colon cancer. 


These are friendly bacteria that live in your intestinal tract. The microorganisms can help you rid of the bad bacteria in your gut that causes a host of illnesses, and it can also remedy infections caused by antibiotics. Bringing balance back to the body, probiotics give most men an immune system jolt. 


Want increased libido? This popular herb has been used to maintain a healthy sex drive, along with treating impotence. It has also been used to prevent hair loss, for those of you cringing at the thought of being endowed with your father’s non-existent hairline. 


For men with a history of diabetes in their family, chromium helps to balance insulin levels and increase metabolism. Combine with a low-sugar diet for preventative measure. 


For more endurance and staying power, this antioxidant – naturally found in grapefruit, onions, red wine and apples – gives you a boost of energy. Whether you’re a jet-setting dad or college student, this supplement will help you get through your busy day.