Kenny Lattimore’s latest single “Love Me Back” could easily echo the performer’s sentiment about the music business. For the last few years, the pro has been absent from the industry, preferring to focus on family and personal growth instead of the hustle associated with his field. But his passion for entertaining continued to bloom, leading to a much buzzed about resurgence.

Lattimore’s fifth studio album, Anatomy of a Love Song (out now), marks his first release in seven years and summarily answers the question many soul artists have been wondering: where is the chart love? It’s there. Hitting No. 14 on Billboard’s Adult R&B Chart after a 10-week reign, Lattimore’s return proves that classic R&B artists remain relevant and financial viable. asked the DC native to open up about five things—besides music—that still move him.

1. Attending Howard University. The HBCU alum fell in love with the school as a child. “I remember walking around the campus when my mom was student at Howard. In hindsight I know seeing the performers and art impacted me in a subliminal way. I loved being in Howard’s Fine Arts program; I didn’t graduate because I got a record deal. Our professors would bring in stars like Deniece Williams and other professionals working in the industry to teach master classes.”

2. Working with Uncle Charlie. “I went to Los Angeles in 1988 and worked with Charlie Wilson. It was a big deal. I was intimidated but one day he simply said to me, ‘I like your voice. You sound different from everyone else.’ It made me feel like I was going to be okay.”

3. Showing a little class. “I love everything about being a father. I’m that dad. I’m the one in the classroom and attending the field trips. I read a stat that says men of color make up only about 2% of the leadership in public schools, so I know my presence alone is a stereotype breaker.”

4. The sad reality. “Reality television endorses stuff that is not healthy. Parenting, reality television and celebrity don’t mix well. My ex-wife [Chanté Moore] is on a show [R&B Divas: Los Angeles] and our son ends up having to watch—and I became a subject of the show. Do I want to be vindicated? Not at all. It can hurt our child.”

5. Never too busy. The recently minted bachelor is finally ready to jump in the meet market. “After my divorce I had to focus on healing, being whole. The more that happened, the more I could bring to a relationship. Now I’m currently dating.”