It’s called beauty ADD, and we all have it.  Even the flyest look gets old after a while. In those moments of sheer boredom with your current appearance, adopt one or all of our easy, instant makeover tips. 

Change your eyebrow shape: Since eyebrows frame your face, it’s no wonder that a freshly arched pair can completely alter your look. Going for a more mature look? Go with thin brows. For a more youthful look, keep them big and brazen. You may want to consider coloring your brows if you really want to brighten up your face. 

Wear clip-in color extensions: You may not have the time or be ready to take the permanent color plunge, so consider rocking clip-in color pieces. An array of hues can be found at your local beauty supply store, but summer’s in love with honey blondes, so start there. 

Sport funky glasses: With a cool pair frames you can instantly boast nerd chic, retro quirky, business mogul or a number of other alter egos. We love for their range of fierce specs. 

Change one drastic makeup feature: If you’re the woman that always wears a nude lip, wow your friends with a bold lipstick. Red makes a serious statement.  Similarly, if you’ve stuck to neutral shadows, a neon eyeliner or smoky eye will completely change your look. Try a chocolate smoky hue for the summer. 

Try an updo: Hush your “my forehead is too big” fears and consider pulling all of your hair up. This little trick will work well for those that consistently wear long locks or bangs. Wispy updos are an easier adjustment for those that are worried about the look of a super sleek mane.