You might’ve heard this nasty little rumor that people of color don’t travel. Lies, of course! From safaris in South Africa to carnival in Rio, people of color been exploring the globe, and these five travel bloggers are bringing their global lives directly to you. So grab your passports and follow these bloggers on the adventure of a lifetime!

I’m Black and I Travel

Looking for the latest information on travel hotspots, new travel sites, tips on how to use airline miles, travel warnings, news and more? Then I’m Black and I Travel (the 2011 Black Weblog Awards winner for Best Travel Blog) is the site for you. Lifelong traveler Greg Gross—with over 41 years in mainstream journalism as a writer and photographer—keeps readers in the know. Gross has visited 42 of the 50 states in the U.S., and 27 countries on five continents to date. With each trip, Greg reminds us that it’s cool to be Black and travel.


Oneika the Traveller

Everyone knows Oneika. Everyone. And if you didn’t before, now you do. Readers of her blog, Oneika the Traveller, have had the pleasure of following Oneika’s amazing travel and expat journeys for years. She’s traveled to nearly 70 countries on over six continents, and lived in countries like Mexico, the U.K. and, currently, Hong Kong. From running with bulls to discovering love abroad, Oneika has a story to tell that both novice and experienced travelers alike can relate to. Her journey gets better with every trip, and you’ll be glad she’s brought you along for the ride.

Traveller’s Bazaar

The backpacker life may be cool for some from time to time, but there comes a point when you want to experience the finer side of travel. Enter Quinn Russell. Quinn’s travel blog, Traveller’s Bazaar, focuses on inspirational travel and design. Accompanied by stunning video and photography, Quinn’s travel adventures give readers a glimpse into the luxe life. From luxury hotels in the jungles of Bali to seaplane tours high above the futuristic Dubai skyline, Quinn’s mission is to help readers live an inspired life through travel, with a little pampering on the side, of course. 


Want to see what life is like through the eyes of a “trip-loving, shopping-craving travel editor and writer on a mission to see the world in style”? Then Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon is your woman! While others covet the food, art and music experiences during their travels, Sarah lives to flex her retail muscles all over the globe one resort, one store, and one amazing experience at a time. Want a striking piece of art from Jamaica? A one-of-a-kind ceramic bowl from Mexico? A store where Hermès is not on a waiting list in St. Barts? Sarah’s got you. She travels far and wide casing department stores, combing street fairs and delving into local boutiques for unique and authentic items that will be worthy of a space in your carryon.

The Wanderlust Project

Whoever said the dreaded “quarter-life crisis” wasn’t real, lied. A crisis is exactly what travel blogger Sheryll Donerson was dealing with when, after graduating college and working job after job in L.A., she still felt empty and unfulfilled. Sheryl knew there was more to life than sitting in an office nine hours a day. Her solution? She saved money, quit her job, bought a one-way ticket to London, traveled around Europe for almost three months with her boyfriend and hasn’t looked back since! 

Now living in Yongin, South Korea, Sheryll uses her blog, The Wanderlust Project, to share her journey. Whether she’s posing for pictures with her students, reviewing Korean beauty products, stalking Hello Kitty in Tokyo or preparing for her upcoming Vietnamese adventure, Sheryll’s lighthearted musings remind us all of what life can be like when we dare to take a chance on our dreams.

Danielle T. Pointdujour is a Brooklyn-based writer living the passport life. You can follow her writing, musings and global adventures on Instagram and Twitter @TheDLife.