Do y’all remember that adorable toddler who succinctly channeled all of our woes about Donald Trump’s presidency back in May?

Well, she’s still out here reading folks for their nonsensical ways according to a recent Instagram video uploaded by her mother.

The short clip is part of a seven-minute Youtube video titled “Kindergarten Chronicles” where the young tot we’ve come to know as Taylor also shares what she does when she needs space from playmates and how she reacts to being teased for her height.

In the IG clip, Taylor imparts her plan of action for the next time she’s referred to as “baby” by someone whose name is inaudible.

We don’t know if it’s a teacher or peer, but Taylor seems to know she’s aged out of the whole baby references and others clearly need to be enlightened. According to the video’s caption, this is something the tot seems to encounter more often than she’d like due to her small stature.

“What are you going to do next time she calls you a baby?” her mom asks.

The kindergartner told her mom she first plans to smack the unidentified woman’s hand away from her and give her a comprehensive stare-down before walking away.

“Never, ever, ever walk with someone if you’re going to do that,” Taylor imagines saying to the person in anticipation of being babied yet again. “If you’re going to do that with me then don’t walk with me. If you’re not going to do that, you can walk with me.”

Taylor is pure comedic gold.

Watch the full seven minute “Kindergarten Chronicles” video below.

Hopefully, she has yet to notice the Youtube page her mom dedicated to her is titled Tiny Taylorio.