After introducing the world to the Power universe on Starz, 50 Cent has decided not to renew his agreement with the premium cable network, reports Deadline.

In a series of Instagram posts, 50 shared that his relationship with Starz is officially over after making the transition from music to TV in 2014.

"09-17-22 official day of really owning my content & deciding where and how I do it moving forward!!!,” he wrote. Anticipating his future success, he added, “bulls-eye we don’t miss” in the post.

In another post, 50 said that he will announce what network or streaming platform he'll partner with to develop new content in the near future.

“This is my vibe right now! STARZ deal done, we had nothing but success so no hard feelings 🏃🏽💨 I’m out. I’ll let you know where we are going shortly,” he shared.

The news of 50 leaving Starz follows the announcement of changes in the executive team of the popular series that happened last year. Power creator Courtney Kemp parted ways with Lionsgate, which owns Starz, and signed a new deal with Netflix.

Since its inception, the Power franchise has been the biggest hit on the network, and it has grown into a multi-series franchise.

Currently, the second season of Power Book IV: Force is in production, along with season 2 of BMF, and the third season of Raising Kanan, all of which is being executive produced by 50 Cent. Additionally, the third season of Power Book II: Ghost is set to hit to be released on the network.

 The second season of Power Book III: Raising Kanan is currently airing on Starz.